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Social Sciences & Health Innovations: Making Health Public


Policy Analysis and Studies of Technologies
Проспект Ленина, 36, корпус 2, 405 аудитория 634050 Томск Россия
This conference is the third international event organised as a collaborative endeavor between Maastricht University (the Netherlands), and Tomsk State University (the Russian Federation), with participation of Siberian State Medical University (the Russian Federation) and European University at Saint-Petersburg (the Russian Federation).

This year the conference examines the complexities of making health public by engaging the perspectives of the social sciences, including science and technology studies (STS), medical anthropology, sociology and history. Furthermore, it is meant to serve as a platform to facilitate dialogue between social and biomedical scientists, public health professionals and policy makers, and for engagement between scholars and practitioners working in the field of health innovations in the post-Soviet region and globally. The conference considers public health-related innovations on different levels (from the community level to national programmes and global efforts) and of different kinds (conceptual, organisational, political). The innovations to be addressed include approaches to combat antibiotic resistance and public health programmes for parasitic disease control in remote areas, food fortification programmes to address nutrient deficiencies, technologies to assist people with poor eye sight, health measurement and assessment tools, genetic testing, new ways of organising and governing health care and the use of media to improve mental health after traumatic events.

Conference Committee
- Olga Zvonareva, Research Fellow, Maastricht University/National Research Tomsk State University/Siberian Medical State University
- Olga Ustuzhantseva, Research Fellow, National Research Tomsk State University
- Ekaterina Borozdina, Research Fellow, European University at Saint-Petersburg

Advisory Board
- Klasien Horstman, Professor of Philosophy of Public Health, Maastricht University
- Evgeniya Popova, Director of Research Centre for Policy Analysis and Studies of Technologies (PAST-Centre), National Research Tomsk State University
- Susanne Bauer, Associate Professor at the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture, University of Oslo
- Jessica Mesman, Associate Professor at the Department of Technology and Society Studies, Maastricht University